(Pictured at 15 Months)




Rose is a very special girl, being from a super special mating for us. Her dam is our beautiful CH Akylah Lallante, 'Grace,' and she is the result of the first double sire frozen semen mating to take place in New Zealand and the first planned and first successful registered multi sire Bullmastiff litter in Australasia.

Rose is a large, dark red, eye catching girl who is happy, outgoing, energetic and super confident. She is very alert and loves investigating everything that comes her way and is very independent, although she always has time to stop for a cuddle and kisses. Rose is a real water baby and if there is water anywhere you can guarantee you will find Rose splashing in it.

Rose has been DNA profiled, parentage certified, and has had her eyes ophthalmologist cleared. Hip score R05/L03=08, elbows 0/0.


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Rose - 07.5 Weeks Rose - 07.5 Weeks Rose - 10 Weeks Rose - 12 Weeks Rose - 18 Weeks Rose - 06 Months Rose - 06 Months Rose - 06 Months Rose - 10.5 Months Rose - 10.5 Months
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