Our dogs are first and foremost our friends and companions, and to keep them in peak health we feed them the best diet we can provide.  We have based the way, and what, we feed on the writings of Dr Ian Billinghurst, an Australian vet, who insists that domestic dogs should not be eating commercially prepared food, but a biologically appropriate diet which mimics the natural diet of wild dogs as closely as possible, whilst minimising any risks that go along with the diet of dogs living in the wild.

We have found the benefits of feeding raw to be innumerable.  These benefits include no doggy breath and less doggy odour; clean, white teeth; firmer, smaller and less smelly stools; and all around better health, mentally and physically.

  Please see below for a copy of the diet we feed our adult Bullmastiffs.  


  Example Diet For An Adult Bullmastiff  
  Approx 60% of diet should be raw meaty bones, 30% pureed vegetables and fruit, and approx 5 - 10% offal. The importance of variety cannot be overstressed. Please do not get in the habit of feeding just one or two combinations of ingredients.  
  Morning: 1 raw chicken frame with skin  
  Evening: Mix of: raw chicken livers, turkey mince.  
  Morning: Raw beef brisket bones  
  Evening: Mix of: raw beef mince, 1/2 cup of pureed veges and fruit.  
  Morning: Raw venison brisket bones  
  Evening: Raw green unbleached tripe.  
  Morning: Raw goat brisket bones  
  Evening: Mix of: raw goat mince, goat heart, 1/2 cup of pureed veges and fruit.  
  Morning: Raw lamb brisket bones  
  Evening: Raw lamb tripe, 1/2 cup of pureed veges and fruit.  
  Morning: Raw whole pilchards  
  Evening: Mix of: raw salmon mince, 1/2 cup of pureed veges and fruit, 1 raw egg including shell.  
  Morning: Raw possum chunks with liver/kidneys/heart  
  Evening: Mix of: raw possum mince, 1/2 cup of pureed veges and fruit.  
  Please pay attention to the weight of your dog and increase or decrease food accordingly, always remembering you should be able to FEEL your dog’s ribs very easily, but not see them.  If your dog is overweight, feed less. If your dog is skinny, feed more…  If your dog’s stools are sloppy, feed more raw meaty bones, if they are too hard, feed more fruit/veges.  
  Always supervise your dog whilst he or she is eating.  
  We buy our pet food from Out Of The Wild Pet Food.  
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