(Pictured at 06 Years)



Coco is a very gentle, sweet, and affectionate girl, absolutely adores people, lives for attention, and loves fun and games. She is always smiling and playful, and always wanting to be involved in whatever's going on around her. Her face lights up and she grins from ear to ear when she sees someone new she can say hello to that might pat her. Coco is a very appealing girl with the same adoring and loving eyes as her great grandmother, Yaana.  Coco's eyes have been ophthalmologist cleared. Hips: R05/L03=08; Elbows: 0/1. More pictures and a copy of Coco's pedigree can be seen below.

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Coco - 07.5 Weeks Coco - 13.5 Weeks Coco - 19 Weeks Coco - 06 Months Coco - 09.5 Months Coco - 10.5 Months Coco - 12 Months Coco - 13 Months Coco - 16 Months Coco - 16 Months
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